Be the Hero to the Rescue


Nearly 1 in 4 households have experienced food insecurity in 2020. Even before the pandemic hit, some 13.7 million households, or 10.5% of all U.S. households, experienced food insecurity at some point during 2019. These unprecedented times have altered the way we go about our lives entirely.  We’re all moving forward as best we can, and Food Rescue US – Virginia Beach is doing its part by committing to reducing food waste and food insecurity. By using technology, Food Rescue US engages volunteers to transfer what would be wasted fresh food from local businesses to social service agencies feeding the food insecure.


At the Garlow Insurance Agency, we are passionate about continuing to support Food Rescue’s mission to lower the food insecurity in our community and we are dedicated to raising awareness, and giving everyone we know the ability to help them and make an impact themselves.


We will donate $20 towards our current Community Cause campaign for every single person that gets recommended to our agency for a quote.


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