Finding an escape from our day-to-day struggles is something we probably all wish we could have! Where we may envision our life’s journey to be perfect, somewhere along the way, we’re bound to stumble upon unexpected hardships. Somehow, this understanding of instability in our lives is what we can all find unity in, which has proven especially true for River Oak Church (ROC).

Whether you feel lost or have never built a relationship with God, you can find shelter in the loving family at River Oak Church. They wholeheartedly welcome all those seeking the healing word of the Lord and will never turn away a hungry soul. And River Oaks Church has made it its duty to help students facing homelessness, food scarcity, and limited access to resources this back-to-school season.

Our team at Garlow Insurance Agency has teamed up with ROC in their mission to empower our less fortunate children and families with the resources they so desperately need. Here’s the best part: You can help! We will donate a whopping $20 on your behalf for every friend recommendation you send our way who receives a no-obligation quote. Yes, that’s for each and every friend! So, how many do you know who would like to help our community’s students and families in need AND save money on their insurance in the process?

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