Community lies at the heart of every society, and it’s the essence of compassion and unity that defines us. At Garlow Insurance Agency, our commitment to our community runs deep. While our primary goal is to provide you with the coverage you deserve, we are equally dedicated to supporting the very community that sustains us.

Among the remarkable organizations that share our ethos is Connect With a Wish, a local non-profit in Virginia Beach. Their mission is to bridge the dreams and necessities of children in foster care with the kindness of our community. They tirelessly work day in and day out to ensure these children have access to vital resources through a variety of well-organized programs.

We had the privilege of witnessing their inspiring efforts firsthand and were deeply moved by their unwavering dedication and compassion. However, they cannot carry out this remarkable work in isolation; they need our support, and more importantly, these children need our support.

Here’s where you can make a difference! We are champions for Connect With a Wish, and every time you refer someone to us for an insurance quote, we will contribute $20 on your behalf. And yes, this applies to EACH friend you refer! So, how many individuals can you enlist to help these children embrace the life they truly deserve?

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE

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