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Built a Great Business? Get Great Coverage.

Virginia is a great place to have a small business, with its many incentives and supports. Owning your own business is exciting, but there is a lot of responsibility too. At Garlow Insurance Agency Inc., we assist our clients who have small businesses in finding the right kinds of protection, so they can focus their time and energy on growing their businesses and not worry so much about the day-to-day risks.


Different Kinds of Coverage

There are few requirements for Virginia businesses, but every business owner should consider its situation and potential risks.


Most employers who have three or more employees will be required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. It protects the workers if they become ill or injured on the job, and it makes sure the medical payments occur in a timely fashion.


General liability will protect your business in case there is an accident, such as if someone visiting falls and gets hurt. You can get policy limits based on your type of business, as some ventures by nature are riskier than others. The insurance will cover both physical damages and medical bills.


Property Insurance is vital because it will protect your building and its belongings, including furniture, appliances, and even equipment up to your policy limits.


Depending on what your business does, you may need other kinds of coverage, like for financial responsibility or business interruption. It always helps to sit down and work out your needs with a professional.


How Much Insurance Do You Need?

Virginia supports small businesses and has the policies to prove it. You can take advantage of the policies that work to promote business in the state while protecting your investment with the right commercial insurance. If you want to explore your options about how to better protect your business, or if you have questions about your current policy, contact us today!

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