Uplifting our Community

Through all the varying walks of life, there are individuals who experience struggles that range from financial difficulties, mental health challenges, loss, and more. Oftentimes, when faced with those challenges, it’s hard to know who or what to turn to. As a community, we find it important to band together in support of one another, so that no person ever has to face their struggles alone.

That philosophy is exactly what River Oak Church is all about. Through the grace of God, River Oak Church operates as a place of worship, connection, and service – not only to our direct community but even as far as our neighbors across the world! The church is passionate about sharing the news of God in the pursuit of unifying us all and making our community feel supported and safe.

Our team at Garlow Insurance Agency shares the same passions as River Oak Church and that’s why we are committing to donate $20 on your behalf to the church for every recommendation you send our way that receives a no-obligation quote. Let’s join together to positively impact those who need it most! We promise, uplifting the community is never a bad decision.

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